Each one of us is wired for great adventure.

  • We search for it. We scour the colored patches on the map to find it. We try to hold it tight or uncover it in the eyes of someone else. We laugh at how adventure molds us and challenges us. We become new people because of it.

  • And we believe, with every part of us, that your love story will be the most unmatchable adventures you ever commit yourself to. It’s one you can’t plan. One that has no map. You can only make a promise and then show up to keep it.

  • We know this because we are in it. We are living it. As a husband-and-wife team, we see the daily challenge and reward that comes from working together. We know the grit of fighting hard for one another but we also know the beauty living inside the promise we first made: we will always choose each other, no matter what. We work tirelessly to manifest this belief, this promise that holds far past the wedding day, by taking our business a step beyond classic wedding photos and iconic filmmaking.

  • We want to be there for you, to get to know you in a real way so we can tell your story right. We promise to give you a day to enjoy each other. A moment to breathe in the wild anticipation. A chance to feel alive. A day to be surrounded by the people who make you better, the people who really are the dotted lines that led you to this moment. This moment where you grab each other’s hands and hold a little tighter as you step towards the unknown. Towards the things you can’t predict, the untold chapters unfolding like a map.

    Your love story is already a great adventure. We are so ready to walk with you into what’s next.

As a husband-and-wife team,

we see the daily challenge
and reward
that comes from
working together.

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We are Stephen&Chelsey, a husband&wife team based in Northern California specializing in handcrafted wedding films and classic wedding photography. Our story starts off in high school. After nine months of getting to know each other, we jumped into a rollercoaster of a long-distance relationship for the next four years.

From holiday breaks to summers spent working at a camp in the Santa Cruz mountains together, we took every chance we could to see one another during this time. We’ll always be thankful for that time of working together at camp–it was the thing that spurred this love for working alongside one another, a place where we grew the most, and the place where Stephen later proposed!

In those years, Stephen pursued a degree in film production and always knew he would become a creative entrepreneur.

Soon after, TréCreative was founded and became our full-time jobs right after college. TréCreative has grown over time and now takes us all over the world capturing stories through photo and video.

We truly believe marriage is a grand adventure. One that will take you to new and exciting places together. We believe that real and raw conversations are important.

Sometimes the best conversations are had together around our dining room table, eating our favorite breakfast treats or drinking coffee that has just been poured. We believe relationships are so important and that’s the reason we strive to go the extra mile to get to know our TréCreative Family. To capture the memories that will long outlive the wedding, to be passed on for lifetimes to come!

  • “They make photoshoots fun and feel like you’re hanging out with friends instead of checking something off a list.”

    Dani&Casey – Chico, California

  • “TréCreative was an answer to our prayers for our wedding and engagement photography. We could not be happier that we chose them to be our photographers. In our opinion, they are worth every penny.”

    John&Mallory – Chico, California

  • “Our friends and family went out of their way to comment on how lovely Stephen & Chelsey are. Their love is so contagious that we consider them more friends than vendors. Their work, both photo & video, will bring warmth to your heart.”

    Travis&Kelsey – St. Helena, CA

  • “The BEST experience! Their photography and style made our wedding complete. They captured the feel, the emotion, the fun, and the overall wedding so we can remember it forever.”

    Spencer&Liz – Chico, California

  • “They were both highly technical as well as incredibly sweet. They did so many extra things that were not required but were so thoughtful!”

    Mike&Veronica – Napa, California

  • “They are people who care about their clients and deeply want to help them remember and capture life’s precious moments through video and photography. They are gifted artists but more than that, they are phenomenal people who truly impact everyone they come in contact with.”

    Chris&Kara – Denver, Colorado

  • “On the wedding day they made us feel like the most important people in the world. They were always in the right place, at the right time. Above all, we feel as if we have two new friends in our lives.”

    Rylan&Anna – Portland, Oregon

  • “TréCreative brings a level of professionalism that is matched with the best of the best. That quality mixed with their easy going demeanor is a combination that I would recommend to all business owners to model after.”

    Derrick&Heidi – Chico, California

  • “We could not have picked better photographers for our destination wedding in Kauai! We loved that they were a couple with different talents, visions, and they made a great team.”

    Jeff&Samantha – Kauai, Hawaii

  • “TréCreative is a dynamic duo, two passionate, creative and faithful partners working hard to capture the most intimate, special and memorable moments of your life.”

    Nicole&Adam – Chico, California

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Here’s the thing: we love our work. We love every crook and curve of shooting weddings and having the chance to spend this special day with people as they make a promise before one another.

It’s most important to us that you feel at ease, happy, and satisfied with the whole experience. For that reason, we don’t always say yes to every wedding inquiry that comes to us.

Yes, we want you to have beautiful photos. And yes, we want you to fall in love with your wedding over and over again in the years to come. But, more than anything, our heart is to make sure we mesh well together and can be the perfect fit for one another for this long and beautiful season ahead.

We share a deep love for spoiling our clients in the best of ways. This is our everything: To provide the very best experience we can imagine and then see it come to life for others. That, to us, is truly the best gift.

Thank you for visiting us and seeing what we have to offer. We are over-the-moon excited to show you more and see if our services and your story are meant to be.

Let’s share life, let’s tell stories, let’s adventure together!
-Stephen&Chelsey 🙂

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