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Memorable Monday – Thank Goodness For Coffee!

In October, Stephen and I decided we wanted to up our coffee game and invest in an espresso machine. I joke that the TréCafe is now open for business. Since then, we have enjoyed learning more about the complexities of coffee and have gotten more coffee accessories. Lately, we’ve been especially loving using our V60 because of its speed and taste. Having good coffee with our early morning breakfast always seems like the icing on the cake. This past week, we needed that extra boost of coffee!

husband and wife sipping coffee together on the couch

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Memorable Monday – Road Trips

With wedding season in full gear again, we’ll be spending a lot of time in our car. Listening to podcasts and audio books has become one of our favorite pastimes together. Occasionally one of us will continue working while the other one drives, but Stephen especially looks forward to this time to re-charge.

full invitation suite styled with a Mrs. Box

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Here’s the thing: we love our work. We love every crook and curve of shooting weddings and having the chance to spend this special day with people as they make a promise before one another.

It’s most important to us that you feel at ease, happy, and satisfied with the whole experience. For that reason, we don’t always say yes to every wedding inquiry that comes to us.

Yes, we want you to have beautiful photos. And yes, we want you to fall in love with your wedding over and over again in the years to come. But, more than anything, our heart is to make sure we mesh well together and can be the perfect fit for one another for this long and beautiful season ahead.

We share a deep love for spoiling our clients in the best of ways. This is our everything: To provide the very best experience we can imagine and then see it come to life for others. That, to us, is truly the best gift.

Thank you for visiting us and seeing what we have to offer. We are over-the-moon excited to show you more and see if our services and your story are meant to be.

Let’s share life, let’s tell stories, let’s adventure together!
-Stephen&Chelsey 🙂

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Napa, San Francisco and hot air balloons for the anniversary, so perfect! 1 month ago