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Life Update

I’ll be the first to admit that I like being nostalgic. I believe that everywhere I go, I’m learning new life lessons. Thinking back and reflecting about new things about ourselves, our business and how we continue to want to impact the lives around us.

Northern California wedding photographers and videographers share on their TréCreative blog

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Leather Wedding Albums – Your New Family Heirloom

We live in a digital age where pictures aren’t getting printed anymore but rather just left on your phone or computer. We’ve gotten the impression that because everything is “backed up” our culture puts printing photos and creating memory albums to the side. We know this to be true because in our first few years of marriage this was true for us too!

Chico wedding photographer holds a custom leather album made by KISS company

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Stephen’s Golden Birthday – 27 Fun Facts You Might Not Know About Him

It’s Stephen’s golden birthday today! He’s 27 and for the last 10 years that we’ve been together, I have learned a lot of amazing things about him and his family! He totally won me over by his charm and caring heart. It doesn’t take long for you to realize how incredibly talented and truly creative Stephen is. There are people in the world who are naturally good at certain things. Those people embody what it really means to be an entrepreneur always dreaming of what’s next. Stephen totally exemplifies that and so much more.

fine art wedding photographers

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Our Favorite Meal of the Day – Breakfast

Breakfast has become our favorite meal of the day. It all started when we were first married. Three months after our wedding, I jumped in full time with Stephen to join forces. I had just graduated from college and quit my part time job. We had this routine that we would wake up at 6am and go to the gym before starting work. When Wednesday rolled around, we were both exhausted and wanted a day to sleep in past our 5:30am alarm. We quickly dubbed Wednesdays as our “date day” and we would go to a favorite breakfast place in our hometown of Chico or be adventurous and try someplace new. This weekly tradition lasted nearly a year. From then on, breakfast has always been our favorite time of day to go on a date when we get a chance.

Chico California wedding photographer shares about their favorite meal of the day

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Here’s the thing: we love our work. We love every crook and curve of shooting weddings and having the chance to spend this day with people as they make a promise before one another.

It’s most important to us that you feel at ease, happy, and satisfied with the whole experience. For that reason, we don’t say yes to every wedding inquiry that comes to us.

Our heart is to make sure we mesh well together and can be the perfect fit for one another for this long and beautiful season ahead.

Thank you for visiting us and seeing what we have to offer. We are over-the-moon excited to show you more and see if our services and your story are meant to be.


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