Catching Up

12/24/11 - A weekend filled with amazing friends; non stop laughter; and of course, Pete’s coffee and Jamba juice, are among just a few of the words that can help paint a picture for these unforgettable few days. Stephen and I have spent the last three summers working at Mount Hermon summer camps and last year we both worked together at Ponderosa Lodge, the high school and junior high camp. You can’t get all of us in a room together without a dance party breaking out with everyone wearing crazy clothes. On Sunday mornings just before the campers arrived many of us women staff would spend the time at Pete’s coffee catching up and living life together right before our adventure would begin. I love everyone on the Pondy 2011 staff and you all hold such a special place in our hearts. Both Stephen and I were reminded of God’s faithfulness and that we need to continue leading those around us one step closer to Christ. Hope you all are enjoying your Christmas Eve day, I know we are. Blessings!