2014 Wedding Highlights - TréCreative Photography and Videography

What a year it has been at TréCreative! Weddings have taken us across the country and out of the country. From gorgeous rolling vineyards, to wide open pastures we've loved every second of the 2014 wedding season! 

We are incredibly grateful for our wonderful couples who trusted us and allowed us get to know them a bit so that we could capture these exciting glimpses of their married adventures. Thank you all of you! Below are some highlights from the year, enjoy!

Stick around to view our end for our year end tradition, EPIC LOVE v.III :)

Aaron&Bri - Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Adam&Nicole, Elk Creek, CA

Andrew&Daylinn, Ranchos Madera, CA

Billy&Kim - Chico, CA

Brad&Marissa - Temecula, CA

Brent&Destiny - Chico, CA

Brian&Kaela - Cupertino, CA

Caesar&Shelby - Monterey, CA

James&Winnie - Redwood City/San Jose, CA

David&Emily - San Clemente, CA

Johnny&Jess - Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Kyle&Des - Chico, CA

David&Tegan - Chico, CA

Mason&Leah - Chico, CA

Nate&Ali - Bend, OR

Justin&Lily - Chico, CA

John&Mallory - Chico, CA

Ryan&Mel - Chico, CA

Erik&Miranda - Chico, CA

Matt&Anna - Chico, CA

Jorge&Vanessa - Chico, CA

Ryan&Emily - Chico, CA

Rylan&Anna - Chico, CA

David&Meghan - Plymouth, CA

Neil&Jenn - Chico, CA

Matt&Melanie - Chico, CA

Rob&Christina - Chico, CA

Omar&Cindy - Chico/Oroville, CA

Sean&Annie - Chico, CA

Travis&Karina - Glenn Ellen, CA

Travis&Kelsey - St Helena, CA

Tuan&Evelyn - San Francisco, CA

Vinny&Kaitlyn - Winters, CA

Travis&Tonya - Chico, CA

Brandon&Samantha - Tahoe, CA

Because we also do videography, for the January Chico Bridal Show we always edit together an EPIC love montage of some of our favorite film clips from the past year. It plays on a monitor during the bridal show to "wow" future bride&grooms as they shuffle through the bridal show aisle. It's always set to an epic track with lots of our signature slow motion mixed throughout the piece. While it's not exactly our "style" to do just musical montages, (our wedding films normally have audio infused throughout to help build a stronger storytelling aspect of the films) it works great for this type of application. Enjoy EPIC LOVE V.III below: