8 Goals You Can Hold Us Accountable For This Year - 2016 Dreaming

If you never share you goals, you're less likely achieve those goals. In the past, I (Chelsey) have always felt lead in a solid direction for the next year. New goals, new things I've wanted to accomplish. Heading into this holiday season felt different for me. We had a completely packed wedding season last year. We traveled to 8 different states between weddings and conferences. We spent so much time in the car driving together and so much screen time on our computers working. We had to re-work areas in our business that slowed our post processing down, hire an intern and start to outsource other areas of our business. This showed us that our business was growing, but for me it was really hard to let go and admit as business owners that we needed more help. We needed help for not only what we could handle work-wise but also emotionally. The amount of stress relief from giving up areas of control and asking others for help was huge. I felt like I could experience true freedom and it was incredible! Sometimes letting go of areas of control is the best move you can make, even when it feels scary!

When December rolled around I felt like all the goals I wanted to accomplish had already happened. I was unsure about what to dream about for 2016. It may sound funny, but I felt a little stuck. When we went away for the Diaz Family vacation Stephen and I finally set time aside to dream together. And in those few days at the beach we realized each year looks very different for us. In the last year we have learned a lot about ourselves as business owners, as a married couple and as friends. Our boundaries and limits have been tested in new ways like never before. It's been a season of growth. But with growing comes growing pains. Peeling away old habits, or realizing how you see yourself can be really eye opening! In this process, many of our goals have reflected what we have learned and how we want to continue to make strides towards future growth together. Some of these dreams are small yet others are ones we will be working on for life.

So here they are. Our 2016 goals, not resolutions (because only 8% of Americans follow through with those)! Sharing for the whole world to see and keep us accountable!!

1. Build more industry community both in Chico and worldwide.

The longer we are in business the more we realize how valuable having creative community is. Together we can encourage and grow! As we attend conferences and lead the Tuesday's Together here in Chico we get excited for the support from creatives who are there for us along the way! We want to continue to reach out and be the ones building each other up to these local creatives as well as ones we cross paths with across the nation and world!

2. Pay off Stephen's student loans.

Stephen went to a private film school which added up in loans very quickly. Right after we got married we paid off mine from Chico State, but Stephen's we've been chipping away at slowly over time. So far we've been able to pay most of it off, only leaving a relatively small amount left. This year we're going to conquer his loan once and for all so we only have our mortgage to pay on!

3. Book a wedding in Europe.

The cat is out of the bag! Yes, we want to travel to Europe. We'd love to shoot a wedding while we're over there! This is a big dream we've had for a long time now. We've shot weddings all over the United States, Hawaii and Mexico, but Europe has always been on our dream list! With our social media reach, we believe this goal is a lot more attainable than most would think. So, that being said, if you hear of someone getting married in Europe, you know what to do!

5. Anniversary Sessions.

In the Spring we're launching special Anniversary Experiences for TréCreative couples and others who would like to have some special photos of the ones the love most! We have our own anniversary photos taken each year. Every time we're so thankful to look through the photos and celebrate our marriage together. We want to keep in relationship with our awesome couples and be able to do that for them and others for years after the wedding!

6. Continue to give, even when it hurts.

Giving to others can be the most rewarding thing, but it can also be an area that is so hard. We really value generosity in our life and business. Stephen and I have learned a lot this past year about ourselves through pushing ourselves to pursue giving to others no matter what and we want to continue that into the New Year.

7. If we think of something positive about someone, tell them!

So often we think great things about others internally but never verbalize them. This year, everything good we think, we will say! This is something we heard at a conference I attended that really stuck with me. This year we're really trying to implement it. Whether it's through a simple encouraging text or a random compliment to a stranger that makes their day. There's no good in keeping good to yourself.

8. No matter how crazy life is, make time for life.

It's so easy to get caught up in the busyness of life. We recently heard an author speak on the topic of, if you find yourself answering "how's life?" with "busy", your life is out of control. Maybe it's not that extreme, but what the author was suggesting is that if you're "too busy" it just means you don't have quality systems in place. In 2015 we're developed some amazing systems and workflow to streamline our processes when it comes to weddings. This year we want to continue to push ourselves in this area and take it even a step further, making more time for time itself. Time to fill with friends, family, travel and life.