Chico California Wedding Photography

As I put on my shoes and ran out the door, I realized not once did I truly site down and process what has been happening throughout my week. I’m learning that taking time out of my busy life is such a necessity and that otherwise my head just feels like it will never stop spinning.

This leads to me an exciting weekend Stephen and I have ahead of us. We have another great wedding in Southern California which means 8+ hours of time just to ourselves driving. A few years ago, just the thought of going on a long road trip did not sound very appealing. Now, we have both come to realize we enjoy those quiet moments together where we can process through life without worrying about our busyness that sometimes takes over.

We have realized we need quality time together. Sitting next to each other, editing away in silence, on our computers,  is not enough! Above are some photos taken at our engagement session by our photographer and good friend Cris. Pictures like these remind me to slow down and enjoy this season we are in.