California Medium Format Film Photography

It's been a dream of mine for a while now to add on medium format film photography to our "extra goodies" section of our wedding and portrait packages. Stephen, being the sweet husband that he is, knew how badly I wanted to get my hands on a higher quality film camera like this. Back in March, for our one year wedding anniversary he surprised me with a medium format film camera and I just about died with excitement!!! I literally did the happy dance all around our little home, no joke. Next time Stephen surprises me, he will have to film it just to show how silly I can look :D

Since then, we have taken our Pentax 645N along with us to several weddings and events to get used to this vintage camera. 120mm film is expensive to buy and develop these days, so we cherish every photo we capture with this camera. Using film makes us slow down and really contemplate the shot we are composing to ensure that everything is perfect before hitting the shutter. Unlike with digital, you can't take a million photos in a row and then view them right away to find the best. You have to be precise and nail the photograph the first time. Thinking about our exposure, lighting and composition lets us slow down and snap the photo we are envisioning and it is just as fun to see the photos come back from the lab fully developed.

This process of incorporating film into our weddings has been such an adventure for us. If you or someone you know is interested in adding film photography to your portrait session or wedding, let us know and we would love to get you some more info! Excited to see where film takes us and how it continues to push us to be better photographers!