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This week has been a total whirlwind! We flew to Chicago, Illinois for an engagement session, flew home and headed to the Big Sur coast and then ended our week in San Francisco on one of the best days weather-wise we have ever seen while visiting the city. Our week long trip was incredible!!

We pulled into our house late last night and there's nothing like getting into your own bed after being gone for a week. Don't get me wrong, we love traveling, we love the people we meet, the adventures we go on, and the memories that are made. But there is nothing quite like home sweet home, ya know!?! 

This week stated in Chicago for an engagement session with one of our new lovely TréCreative couples. Stephen spent his childhood growing up in the Midwest, in Wheaton Illinois to be exact. He moved out to California when he was fifteen. Ever since we were dating, I have dreamed of visiting Chicago and his hometown of Wheaton to see all the places I would hear Stephen's family talking about. There's something unique and personal when you get to walk and physically stand in the same places that are so near and dear to your family. One of our 2016 destination wedding couples just so happens to live in Chicago and decided to fly us out for their engagement session! When this happened, we knew we needed to spend a few extra days in the area soaking in some hometown nostalgia!

Chicago was AMAZING, at least in the perfect 80 degree weather we had while we were there. Not so sure I could handle it in the winter, but who knows! I wouldn't mind going back at that time to experience the winter season firsthand! Even though it's pretty massive, you can literally walk everywhere in the city if you wanted to. Compared to San Francisco, it's completely flat which is SO nice. The city is filled with several historic bridges that make for some amazing backdrops for photos. We ate at a classic tourist joint, Giordano's and had amazing "Chicago style deep dish pizza". Stephen LOVES pizza so he was in heaven.  Don't worry, we ate at some local joints as well. Highly recommend Pub Royal off Division Wicker Park area, this place was incredibly tasty! We walked around Navy Pier area and took our first Uber ride together. We would highly recommend using Uber if you're in a big city! We rented a car but vowed next time we won't be renting a car! There's no need when you have Uber on demand like that! We tried Garret's famous popcorn which, lucky for us was their 66th anniversary so was only 66 cents a bag! It's a mix of carmel corn with cheesy popcorn, so tasty and left our fingers nice and orange!

And after our engagement session we spent the night in Wheaton, the place Stephen grew up. Now don't get me wrong, I loved Chicago, but I was really looking forward to visiting Wheaton too! I feel like I now know more about Stephen by visiting his hometown, it was really special! We went to all of Stephen's past schools and visited Wheaton's massive outdoor swimming pool all the families visit in the summer months. 

We walked around the quaint downtown Wheaton and visited the famous popcorn shop! This is any child's dream candy shop! It's literally a small space converted into a candy store. You take a little bag fill it up with whatever candy you want and you get rung up in the register the old fashion way, cash and check only! We wrote a check. Stephen recognized the guy working there from when he was little, crazy!

Stephen's dad is a pastor and so we had to visit their old church. He gave me a VIP tour and showed me all the secret spots where him and his friends roamed the church grounds. The old youth room, the gym and secret underground tunnels to the sanctuary. I can totally see why he has so many stories of some pretty funny mischief he used to get into!

Probably my favorite stop of the whole visit to Wheaton was when I got to see the house Stephen grew up in. No, we did not sneak around back and creepishly knock on the door, wouldn't that be weird! Thankfully Stephen's family still has kept in contact with the new owners who just happened to have gone to the same church. Because of this, we got a little tour of the inside as well, so cool!

And that concludes our Chicago and Wheaton adventures, we hope to be back again for sure! Stay tuned for engagement photos from our Chicago trip coming soon!