Photographer in Chico - TréCreative Bridal Show Booth

Today marks one week since the Chico Bridal Show and what an amazing day it was! We are always so surprised by how fast that event goes by. There were so many amazing couples, family members and vendors we had the privilege of meeting and being inspired by. As we made our best effort to talk with as many people we could, we were recharged and energized by all the stories and visions for these amazing upcoming weddings. Thank you to everyone who stopped by our TréCreative booth and chatted with us, for our current brides and future brides, we are so thankful for you!!

We will be the first to admit, with all the hustle and bustle to get out the door on Sunday, we totally forgot to bring our camera to take more high quality photos. Although, they say the best camera is the one you have on you... and so we resorted to our iPhone for this quick snapshot. This year we completely redesigned our little square at the Chico Bridal Show. We wanted to create a space where people felt at home, where they felt comfortable and welcome. A space where they could envision their future wedding photos hanging on their own walls. Building the drywall setup, laying the hardwood floor and moving everything in and out of the show was a lot of work...but it was COMPLETELY worth it! Thank you to all friends and family that helped make this dream a reality, without you we couldn't have gotten it all done on time! (Oh and for all the brides that loved the DIY ribbon banner, here's a quick tutorial on how you can make one for your wedding!)

We have been so encouraged by the number of inquiries and couple's who have been interested in our wedding photography and videography experiences. Dates have been filling very quickly, so if you are, or know someone who is getting married, please do not delay in contacting us. We would LOVE to take you out to coffee and start to dream about creating a memorable wedding experience through our photography and videography. We love every opportunity we get to tell these wonderful love stories! 

Again friends, thank you for all your wonderful referrals, we have been so invigorated by the amount of kind words and encouraging reviews we have been given lately!