Chico Caifornia Photography - FUNDAY FRIDAY Puerto Rico Style

Hello again friends, we are back to Chico from our travels and enjoying the blessings of marriage thus far. Puerto Rico was absolutely beautiful and we will be blogging more of our photos we took along the way. The second part of our trip was spent right in San Juan, the capitol of Puerto Rico. Before we checked into our hotel we hopped into a taxi (with a lady from Paradise, CA RANDOMLY) and spent the whole afternoon and into the evening adventuring through Old San Juan. I can't wait to show you more photos from the breath taking architecture around the city. I love seeing the beauty of the small details through a camera lens and then snapping a photo of it.

There are many castles around the area where we stayed and towards the end of the evening we headed to a castle to see the fantastic view of the ocean. To our surprise, there was a wedding about to take place! Being the photography and videography-minded team we are, we both whipped out our cameras and started taking photos of the bride as she walked down the castle entrance to the start of the ceremony...along with all the other tourists doing the same. Shortly after, ANOTHER couple showed up who had just gotten married and was hiking around the castle to take photos just before heading to their reception. Once again, we were reminded of how much we love doing photography and videography for weddings. No matter where you are or what time of day it is, someone somewhere is getting married!