Chico California Photography

As an engaged wedding photographer, there are so many little details I’ve thought about. Not just how they will look as an end product but how well they will look in a photo.

I’ve gone back and forth with what is important to have at my wedding and what I could go without. I think its so easy to get caught up in visualizing this perfect day with all the right decorations and colors. Don’t get me wrong, those things are very important, but being in the wedding industry, I have learned that the people you are with is what makes your day so great.

Those candid photos with the one you just said “I do”, are the photos you are going to cherish forever. Not only that, but feeling comfortable with hiring people who you feel will capture you and the details you have worked hard on.

For me, these photos from the wedding last weekend, are a reminder, that yes details, are important, but that I need to not stress over making everything perfect. Remember, getting married is a celebration of love between you and that person. Find a photographer or videographer who you trust to get those details, and enjoy the time with the people around you!!