Chico California Photography - Funday Friday!

 “It is when your passion starts to feel like work when you begin to loose it.” The intention behind Funday Fridays is that we as a community can push ourselves creatively, wherever your passion lies. Because when you get busy and caught up in letting what you used to enjoy stress you out, that’s when you and your art suffer!

Here’s how to get involved: do something FUN and DIFFERENT (and hopefully something that challenges you to learn new things) during the week and post it up on Friday. This can apply to any field, if your passion is Photography, Video, Drawing, Art, Business, Skateboarding ANYTHING! You don’t have to do it on Friday, it can be done anytime during the week and post it on Friday on our Facebook page! Also post what you learned from it, I’ll share below a little about this piece.

I am so excited about this project Stephen and I have decided to do together. Each week we will be posting a new redition of Funday Friday! This is a chance to be inspired and take a break from our busy weeks to do things we love.

One reason why I enjoyed this so much was because we’ve always wanted to do some fun dates together each week because the last 4 1/2 years have been spent 8 hours away from each other (while he was in school in LA). I kept having to remind myself that he is not leaving after a few days and this is something we can continue FOREVER!

Check out our fun video Stephen edited on his blog here

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, JOIN US! Set aside some time this next week to do something that’s fun and different, and post it on our Facebook wall next Friday :D

We’d love to see it, and share it with our followers!