Chico California Photography - FUNDAY FRIDAY

Last weekend, Stephen and I headed to the mountains with some great company. As I look through the hundreds of photos we took, I can’t help but think how truly blessed we are to have such an amazing community surrounding us! Stephen and I have dated for five years, four of which where in long distance. During our summers, we would spend it together at Mount Hermon, a place that is basically our second home. Now that we are in the same town, we have finally gotten to create a great community together.

For Stephen and I, our friends near and far have been such a blessing. These are the friends who have been there for us during this crazy season of life. I know God placed them here for a reason and I am joyful because of his goodness in our lives!

Another thing I am grateful for is during this adventure Stephen and I had a photo taken of us. I know that sounds weird but as much as I love taking photos of others, sometimes its nice to be in front of the camera!

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