Chico California Engagement Photography - Ricardo&Tessa

It is no secret that Stephen and I love exploring and finding new photography spots in the Chico area. Last weekend we hoped into our car, cameras in hand, and drove to Orland to meet Tessa and Ricardo at her families ranch where their wedding will be held this summer. We love to be able to visit a wedding venue prior to the wedding (sometimes it has to be in the early morning before) and familiarize ourselves with the area and plan out some specific photos.

After giving us the grand tour, we just had to stop and snap some happy pics of this lovely couple. We are so excited to be able to use our wedding photography to capture all the creative ideas these two have been planning.  After spending the evening with them, we feel so lucky that they chose TréCreative to document their love story.

OH before I forget... what Tessa and Ricardo did not tell us was the family dog had just given birth to the most amazingly adorable puppies!!! Stephen and I were so tempted to take one was seriously so hard not to. We took home this photograph of one to hold us over in the meantime. We LOVE doggies and we can't wait to have one of our own one day :D