Chico California Photography - Story Time Saturday

One of the many things we love about wedding photography and videography is the chance to tell stories all around California and beyond. During our 2012 wedding season we traveled all over California and Colorado. We met some pretty amazing people and learned so many lessons along the way. Today I wanted to highlight a wedding we did in Temecula California. Chris and Elsa are such genuine people and so thoughtful and caring towards us. During the trip down to Southern California, we knew this was going to be such a special wedding and we were eager to document it. What we did not realize was how much we would learn to love each other better by watching Chris and Elsa interact.

On the way back to Chico we were able to reflect on our strengths and weaknesses as a videography and photography couple. We were so thankful for our car ride together and the chance to tell Chris and Elsa's unique love story.