Chico California Photography - Throwback Thursday

Wednesday afternoon I sat at my computer looking up and down my last college assignment I would ever submit before graduating on Saturday. Hoping for some sense of stress relief, I waited for that feeling of weight being lifted off. Unfortunately, I haven't felt it yet. I'm hoping on Saturday it will actually hit me, that I can now FULLY pursue my dreams with nothing holding me back.

You see, this year has not been perfect. A roller coaster of ups and down filled with many tears, trials, yet still moments of pure bliss. I had an opportunity to sit and reflect last night about my incredibly blessed year. I wrote down five adjectives (of sorts).

This year has been worthwhile. Everyday came with a great adventure, sometimes good sometimes not so good. Whether or not I chose to embrace it or let it consume me was a battle I'd constantly fight.

This year has been stressful!! I have loved my college experience, but some days I wished I could have done more with our photography and videography business. I wished I could have had more time to invest in people and do what I love, which is creatively telling stories through photography and videography.

This year has been overwhelming, but in a good way. I have been challenged as a creative to always push myself and to learn how to balance business and personal life.

This has been beautiful, full of new seasons in life. Stephen and I have met some amazing people who have opened their lives to us and walked with us when we needed them most. We have been apart of some pretty sureal love stories and each day are inspired by the client's and friends who are in our life.

This year has been especially beautiful because about two months ago Stephen and I made a "until death do us part" commitment to each other. It was a day full of pure bliss, God showed up in so many incredible ways. Although wedding planning seemed like it would never end, God had something special in store for us. The day was miraculous, went off without a hitch and Stephen and I both were able to fully enjoy every second of it.

photo by Shannon Rosan photo by Shannon Rosan

Looking back, the ups and downs of this year have been 100% worth it. I have grown so much as a photographer but even more as an individual. I've learned that God is my ultimate source of peace and that I need to rest in his presence daily to combat the stress of life. I have learned and am still learning to love people as I feel called to do so. I am learning that this gift of marraige is even more than I could have ever dreamed it to be, yet I will always be learning how to love Stephen more and more everyday. I am learning that each wedding we do photography or videography for is an opportunity to love our couples and their families as they begin this amazing adventure as husband and wife.

I am so excited for this wedding season which started for us two weeks ago. I am excited to tell more stories and walk with our couples through their special days! Thank you all for reading, encouraging and uplifting me along the way!