Chico California Wedding Photography - Gale Vineyard Wedding - Brody&Courtney

Wherever you go, I will go and wherever you lodge, I will lodge. Your people shall be my people and your God my God. Where you die, I will die and there I will be buried. The Lord do so to me and more. If anything but death parts you and me. Ruth 1:16-17 

I absoluetly love this verse Courtney chose to display at Gale Vineyards right next to the guest book. This verse is talking about loyalty, love and friendship which are all qualities Brody&Courtney display for their family and each other. They are both such compassionate and warm people, always thinking of others and who they can serve. 

Being photographers at their wedding was such a joy and we are so thankful to have gotten to know these two and to be able to call these two friends. 

Brody&Courtney, may your marriage blossom and may you continue to choose each other everyday!

-S&C :)

Wedding Vendors:

Venue - Gale Vineyards

Photography - TréCreative Film&Photo

Hair - Liese Young from Hair Is

Make-up - Aurora from Aurora's Make Up Studio

Flowers - Cambray Rose Florist 

Catering - Bacio 

Cambray Rose Florist did such a great job crafting together Courtney's color pallete into stunning bouquets!

We LOVE when we get the chance to photograph a first look. It is such a special moment between each couple where they can stop, relex and just be together before guests arrive. Often, it is the only time in the day where a couple can just be by themselves, alone together. We always take photos of the first look moment, but then ensure we step away for five minutes to let the couples just be. We've had many couples who are on the fence about going for a non-traditional first look, but then thank us afterward for recommending they go for it. It's always such a powerfully special moment!

Brody&Courtney's wedding day had such beautiful weather all throughout the day. Towards the end of the evening it started to rain and these two continued to dance together through it all, it was amazing.

We love these two and are beyond thankful our paths crossed :)