Chico Engagement Film Photographer - Aric&Ashley

So, let's first get this out on the table, these two are adorable. With their eclectic and just straight LOVELY style, we had the a great time capturing photos of these two for their engagement. 

For this shoot they weren't afraid to get out of the box with us and try some industrial locations around town for a different look, we love how it turned out!

Okay for this blog post let's try something fun. Not only are Aric&Ashley engaged, they're also local musicians, their band is called called Solar Estates. Open this link in a new tab (right click), hit the play button then come back and peruse through some photos from their unique engagement session below! 

Are these not the perfect fall-inspired engagement outfits?!? Love the complimentary colors.

Ashley, you are stunning!

After seeing our previous medium format film photography blog post, Aric&Ashley were one of the first couples to add film onto their wedding and engagement package! Below are some of the film scans we got back. We just LOVE how using film causes us to slow down and truly feel out every photograph. Film has such a unique look with beautiful grain and lovely colors!

If other readers would like to add film onto their engagement or wedding package please email us, we would love to include it! 120mm Porta 400 film, shot on a Pentax 645N developed and scanned at PhotoVision.

One of our favorites for sure!