Chico Engagement Photographer - David&Tegan - Upper Bidwell Park

When it comes to bikes, two seats are definitely better than one! When riding a tandem bicycle, you may get the same wind resistance as on a normal bike, but you have double the pedaling power. David&Tegan are like a tandem bike, together they are better. They compliment each other, they have more fun together, and when side by side, life just makes sense. We loved every minute of this engagement photography session in Upper Bidwell Park. Although it was on the verge of sprinkling rain at times, it held off just long enough for us to capture some sweet moments between these two. Their dog is just the cutest, and it was a blast having her run around during the shoot. Plus, she was super obedient and followed our every call!

David&Tegan, we're ecstatic to be your wedding photographers. We are SO looking forward to your White Ranch wedding this coming summer. It will be a day to remember!


For Photographers: 

Shot with:
Body: Canon 5D mkIII's
Glass: L-Series Prime Lenses: 50mm, 35mm, 85mm, 100mm Macro, 135mm

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