Chico Engagement Photography - Nate&Ashley Preview

LOVE the love these two have for each other!

One of our favorite moments during an engagement photography session is when the couple forgets about us and it becomes just about them. As a Chico wedding photographer we've found it is not just the fancy equipment that makes a good wedding or engagement photo, it's making our couples feel comfortable that matters most. We want engagement photography sessions to feel like an adventure with good friends, and that's usually what they turn into! Once the couple feels comfortable they begin to break out of their shells, showing those glimpses of love that we look for in every shot. That is why we include a complimentary engagement session with every photography package we offer! When the actual wedding day comes, our couples are completely at ease because they've "been there done that" when it comes to getting their pictures taken...and that's when these true moments of love are ready to be captured!

We're really excited for Nate&Ashley's full engagement blog post coming soon!

-S&C :)