Summer Night Bike Rides - Chico Farmer's Market

With wedding season upon us we've been working non-stop! Literally from the time our eyes open in the morning to the time they close at night it's TréCreative on our minds. As we head into our third double header wedding weekend this month we thought it'd be smart to take a short breather. We dug out our bikes and dusted them off after sitting so long our garage full of moving boxes. Our new home is right by Bidwell Park so we rode down the street, into the park and headed downtown for Farmer's Market. It was such a nice little break from the normal routine. The summer air was warm and refreshing with just the perfect breeze to keep us cool. Downtown we wandered through Farmer's Market with good friends and then rode home as the sun was setting.

This post is a reminder to us and one to you all as well. Take time to breathe amongst the busyness. No matter how much you need to get done, it's always SO worth it to take a little break, to rejuvenate, to revive, to refresh.

An aerial shot we captured while we were down at Farmer's Market for Instagram :)