Chico Senior Portrait Photographer - Tilly&Camille

These two have been best friends since practically forever. I was first introduced to Tilly (on the right) when she was either in preschool or kindergarten. Her older sister Lauren was one of my all time favorite Sunday school teachers.  Tilly came around often and was always so stinkin cute! Years later when Stephen and I started helping out at our church's youth group, Tilly was a sophomore in high school and had grown up so much. I had always heard of Camille and met her several times through Tilly. This session was very bittersweet for me. Although we still have them around for another 6 months or so, it's crazy to think how grown up and beautiful they both have become! 

To these sweet girls, may your last year of high school be one of the best years yet! May you always remember to laugh and be joyful even when finals seem like they are never ending! Remember and cherish the times you have with one another!


What better way than to end with throwing leafs in the air!