Chico Portrait Photographer - White Family

This little family is writing such a beautiful story! During non-wedding season we'll schedule occasional family and senior portrait sessions and we were thrilled when Robin contacted us! We are so excited to share with you more about this amazing family and a little glimpse into their beautiful adoption story!

Jeff&Robin have been praying, patiently waiting and waiting some more for the perfect miracle to arrive. These two are incredibly strong people and they knew their story would look different from those around them. After years of waiting and coming so close to being parents multiple times, they received a message from Jacob's birthparents. Jacob's due date was fast approaching and so they rushed to be with the couple and even got to be there while Jacob was born. I can't even imagine what they were feeling when they first laid eyes on Jacob. Would they be his parents? Would their dream of adoption finally happen? 

There were lots of unknowns, but they soon found out their prayers had been answered and they would be bringing Jacob home. Watching these three interact is so precious! Jacob is such a little cutie and a total ham in front of the camera. Jeff&Robin love him to pieces and together they display such a beautiful story of hope and self-sacraficial love! Well done friends, your story is so inspiring!


Robin brought this awesome handcrafted sign describing Jacob and his first birthday, LOVE it!