Chico Winter Wedding Photographer - Neil&Jenn

For about a week straight before Neil&Jenn walked down the aisle, it completely down poured in Chico. We had talked with these two several weeks before and had nailed down their wedding timeline. Jenn expressed there "could be" horrible weather conditions on the day of but the thought of that happening never bothered her much. With a little bit of luck and lots of prayer, Neil&Jenn's wedding day turned out to be the most perfect and beautiful sunny day. 

Neil&Jenn were married on a wintery December day just before Christmas. As they walked hand in hand for wedding portraits, the warm sun beat on their backs and the smiles on their faces were contagious! Together they were joyful all day and have such a carefree spirit which allowed them to soak in every moment from their wedding.

Cheers to two new friends and these lifelong moments of joy!


Jenn had each of her amazing bridesmaids show up in comfy Christmas-themed pajamas so we had to take advantage of this great photo op :D

This first look between these two was so special, we love when our couples choose to do first looks!

One of Jenn's adorable flowers girls insisted on helping pick up her dress from dragging on the floor. 

Love all the Christmas and winter themed decor, gorgeous!