Chico Wedding Photography - Favorite Moments

Radiance can be defined as great joy or love and is apparent by someone’s face. Stephen and I see this a lot when capturing the special moments of a couple’s wedding day through photography and videography.

I’ve been asked several times what my favorite moment is to photograph during a wedding day. To be honest, there are SO many that I could list! Above all, I love getting to know our couples and capturing their unique love for one another through photography. If I had to choose one moment I absolutely love during a wedding day, it is the getting ready.

When the bride is getting ready is one of the first times during the day when I get to interact and be apart of the magic of the day. I love going in early and capturing all the beautiful details. It’s so fun to see what each of our unique brides choose to incorporate into her special day. At this point, the bride is surrounded with her closest friends and family, her nerves are usually calm because she’s missing the one thing that makes her day seem much more real… her big white beautiful dress! It is the moment when that dress goes from the hanger to on the bride that makes everything emotional for everyone involved. Putting on the dress is the catalytic moment when everything suddenly becomes real. All the dreaming, planning and preparation and we are finally here. The tissues are being distributed and mom starts to cry seeing her grown up daughter get ready to say “I do” in less than a few hours. 

As a Chico wedding photographer, I adore capturing the first moments of the bride putting on her dress. Everyone around her is crying tears of joy and saying how beautiful she is. This moment is always so special and each time I am truly amazed by each brides radiance. That radiance that continues to shine more and more throughout the day.

Thank you to all our beautiful brides who let TréCreative capture your radiance through photography and videography!
- Chelsey :)