Chico Wedding Photography - Little Red Hen

Today on the blog we are featuring a local flower shop called the Little Red Hen. Their creativity and hard work was very evident in the final product of the bouquets and center pieces used at Kevin and Karlee's wedding.

Not only does this organization do a great job with weddings, they also have a gift shop, nursery, and kids in the kitchen center. I first heard about the Little Red Hen's programs from one of our brides and good friend Brittany. I was so impressed and inspired by their mission statement I had to share it (below). The Little Red Hen is a non-profit serving children and adults with developmental disabilities. While studying at Chico State, I learned so much about autism, cerebral palsy and down's syndrome. Every time we learned new information my heart sunk because I remember fondly one week while counseling at a Summer Camp called Mount Hermon, one of my favorite campers had Aspergers.  Here I was thinking I would be leading and teaching, but instead she taught our whole cabin what it meant to be fearless and bold! By the end of the week is was so sad to see her go.

Here is the mission statement taken from their website that I just love! 

"The Little Red Hen is a non-profit organization with several locations serving children and adults with developmental disabilities. 100% of our sales / donations benefit quality programs for children and adults with developmental disabilities like autism, cerebral palsy, Down's syndrome and other cognitive disabilities. We employ developmentally disabled adults at all our locations. We do NOT pay below minimum wage. For employment opportunities, apply in person at any of the following locations."

Although, there are many talented florists we have gotten to work with, the LIttle Red Hen totally impressed us at Karlee and Kevin's wedding. Next time your in need of a unique gift or any kind of flower arrangement consider using The Little Red Hen