Chico Wedding Photography - TréCreative in Action

At the wedding this past weekend in Lodi, CA we arrived early as we usually do to scout out locations for shooting later in the day. The wedding was at Woodbridge Golf and Country Club and while walking around the course we saw this cute little back porch in someone's backyard. We knocked on their door and the nicest couple lived there and was so excited to let us use their property for some photos. The husband even came out later while we were shooting photos with his camera to capture the moment. We thought he was taking photos of the bride and groom, but to our surprise later in the day he handed us a disc full of "behind the scenes" photos of us in action. He said, "it's not often that photographers get photos of themselves". What a nice guy!!! Here are some of the photos he took for us, we are so thankful to have them. More from Alice&Matt's wedding coming soon :)-S&C