Chico Wedding Videography - Cody&Brittany - THE TRAILER

Most epic wedding trailer ever? I think so. Cody and Brittany's love for each other is nothing short of EPIC, so I thought it was fitting to make this trailer I had tons of arm wrestling footage I didn't know what to do with :D 

Loved this whole wedding from start to finish, everyone in the bridal party was so much fun and we had a blast doing the photography and videography for Brittany and Cody. Chelsey and I are SO SO SO excited to release the full film and rest of the photos soon! In the meantime, watch the Trailer below and check out their photography tease as well. 

p.s. Shoutout to Creek Haven Vineyard Estates, a new and fabulous venue in Chico. Isn't it stunning!?

More soon :)