4th of July Getaway

If you follow our blog or Facebook page, I'm sure you know that we are big fans of the 4th of July! However, we are even bigger fans of our amazing community of friends who we spend the little free time we have with. After having a 4th of July BBQ at my parent's house, we went swimming at a Chico local swimming spot and then someone thought of a brilliant idea to head up to a town called Chester for shakes and dinner. After the idea was randomly brought up, another person chimed in suggesting that instead of just dinner we should stay and camp overnight. What we thought was just an random spontaneous idea quickly turned into a reality that was incredibly amazing! It was shocking how everyone was so easily on board for the crazy last minute idea, and that's how 15 of us carpooled up to Chester for an relaxing and spontaneous getaway!

Below are just a few photos from our adventure together that we just had to share with you. Reflecting on our little getaway, we are reminded of the beauty that is around us and how grateful we are for friends who support us here in Chico. Friends who encourage and inspire us to keep doing what we do. We have always talked about going camping with friends but for some reason it never happens. It seems that everyone is too busy or our schedules never seem to align. From this past weekend, we are reminded that life is better when it's wildly spontaneous. We want to look back and know that we are writing a good story with our lives, one that is full of life, love and adventure together!

Don't mind us, we literally just rolled out of bed (the ground) only 30 minutes before this photo!

Just before heading home, we jumped in Lake Almanor for a little refeshing swim :D