Destination Wedding Photographers - Colorado Trip

Last week, we headed to Colorado for a destination engagement session!

Wow, were has September gone?!?  I can't believe we are already into October. Lots has been happening at the Diaz/TréCreative household. A few weeks ago we had an amazing opportunity to return to Colorado, this time for an engagement session. We love to travel, and love that our photographs and film can lead us around the world! Opportunities like these make us extra grateful for the friends and past couple's who pass along our name to people they know, thank you so much for your referrals!!

Before meeting up with Aaron&Bri we spent a little time exploring and visiting my brother who is stationed in the Army just a few hours away from Denver. Huge thanks to all the active military and their families, you inspire me!

Our first stop was Red Rocks, a beautiful outdoor amphitheater. It is so magnificent and the view is breathtaking. If you follow us on Instagram you would also know we rented a run little car, a Fiat 500. If you have ever wanted to test drive one, I would HIGHLY recommend it! It was so small, but big enough for Stephen to fit into! We drove ALL over Colorado and didn't fill up the tank once, the gas milage is crazy. Anyways, Denver is an amazing city and we hope to be back soon!

This trip was so restful, a time we could put our computers on hold and just be together. Spending time with Aaron&Bri was so recharging, and made us even more excited for the rest of our 2013 weddings! Plus, looking ahead with gratitude for the weddings we have already booked in 2014 (p.s. if you're thinking about going with TréCreative, act fast! A couple months are completely booked already). Over the years, God has really laid it on our hearts to serve others using these gifts of photography and videography. Every day we meet someone new or catch up with a past couple we are reminded of this!


Yes, it is true Stephen has a beard now and has since our wedding day (which can you believe was a little over 7 months ago!! Where has time gone?). I thought I'd note that because whenever we go to meet up with clients they sometimes have a hard time recognizing him :D

Loved zipping around Colorado in this little Fiat 500. Next time we purchase a car we may just be buying one of these economy friendly gas saving vehicles, so fun!

We finished Aaron&Bri's engagement session on top of this huge mountain overlooking Boulder and even further out was Denver. Aaron was so awesome and after our engagement shoot with him and Bri, he asked if he could take a picture of us. It is becoming more rare for us to have a picture together lately... we'll have to change this!