Featured on California Wedding Blog - Jack London State Park Wedding Photographer&Videographer

Oh happy day! You might remember these two from last years wedding season and today their lovely wedding was featured on California Wedding Blog, yippee! We are SO excited to share with you Travis&Karina's wedding today!

When two creatives meet it's a wonderful thing. Travis is an amazing writer and illustrates books and comics for kids (and post-kids), and Karina, a lady of many metaphorical hats who is still figuring out how to explain what she does to her grandma. 

Above all, these two have a deep love for each other that shines through in everything they do. They have such good relationships with their family and especially their grandparents. Travis&Karina's cute grandmothers were their flower girls and were just so adorable as they walked down the isle. Happy tears were shared during the first look and then again when Karina saw Travis as she walked down the aisle. Their wedding took place at Jack London State Park in the Sonoma Valley.

These two were refreshing to be around! Always creating new things for one another and others.

We loved everything about this wedding and had the time of our lives capturing all the handcrafted and beautifully orchestrated details!