Chico California Photography

Happy FUNDAY FRIDAY everyone! If you missed the post on why we’re doing these, check that out here :)

This week has been super crazy busy but we knew we needed to still put something up for you guys. It’s so nice to take a break from the madness for a fun project.

Last weekend we headed down to Santa Cruz for Jon and Kendra’s wedding. We brought along our 35mm camera which we found at a yard sale the week before for TEN BUCKS, you can’t beat that price!

Our weekend in Santa Cruz was such a blessing. Not only did we get to shoot a wedding for some good friends, but we we also got to see a lot of old friends who we hadn’t connected with in forever! On top of that, Stephen proposed at Mount Hermon on Friday evening as we watched the sunset. Then he had two surprise parties for me afterwards (one with Mount Hermon friends, one with Chico friends when we got home)! To say I feel blessed is an understatement…So happy WE’RE ENGAGED!

On the technical side of things, during the weekend we tried took a bunch of photos with the 35mm camera and ran into some dilemas that really helped push us creatively. The first was our light meter on the camera was broken so most of the time we were guessing on whether the exposure was correct. Second, shooting with film instead of digital always runs the chance of your photos not turning out the way you intended… It’s so unpredictable sometimes. In the end, we love our little vintage camera and I know you will be seeing more of it’s photos from now on!!

Happy Friday Everyone,