I'm a Graduate!!!

Saturday was such a special day filled with so many emotions. Being apart of a Chico State's graduation was so fun and finally made it seem like I officially made it to the end! I remember just a year ago, Stephen graduated from Biola University with his degree in Cinema & Media Arts. Stephen's milestone was huge for the both of us for many reasons. The most exciting was his graduation marked the end of the long distance phase of our relationship. We started dating in high school and decided when he left to pursue a degree in film at Biola that we were going to make things work no matter what happened! I remember sitting in the crowd and being filled with emotion knowing we would finally be in the same town for the rest of our lives!

At the end of my graduation ceremony, the stress and the weight finally felt like it had been lifted. This new milestone for us meant we would now be able to run with TréCreative full time as a team doing what we love best, photography and videography! I wore the most sparkly dress I could find and some graduation glasses because this girl was going out with a bang!