Livermore Wedding Videography - Craig&Julia - The Palm Event Center - 8.12.13

"Craig would tell me what he wanted his wife to be... He'd say, 'After her heart after God, what I want is a Southern Girl.'" What the best man said above turned out to be right on! These two are a dynamic duo who is going to leave an everlasting mark on the people they encounter!

I can't express how much we love Craig&Julia. We connected on the first phone call, and we could already tell this was going to be an amazing couple to work with. Assured of this after our first face-to-face meeting, we looked forward with anticipation to this wedding all summer. We wish Craig&Julia lived in Chico so that we could hang out more!!!

Absolutely loved their prayer, vows and the officiant's readings and instantly knew they would play a huge role in driving this film. Friends and family traveled the world to be at this wedding, and we now know why. These two are contagious. Full screen the wedding film below and be prepared to cry, laugh and feel the love that these two just overflow. -Stephen&Chelsey :)