Memorable Monday - Christmas Blues

I can’t believe Christmas has come and gone! It always goes by faster than expected but this year we really felt like we were able to soak in the holiday spirit by spending lots of quality time with family! We are currently one the road while writing this. This time we’re traveling with the Diaz side to a beach house near San Louis Obispo. We’ll be soaking in the ocean air, playing beach ball and spending time with our loved ones!

Our Week:

  • Right before Christmas, we had a full day video shoot for an ongoing project with an agriculture company near Chico! We have several of these ongoing contracts this year and we’re excited to share with you the final product later this Spring!
  • Stephen’s sister and her boyfriend are visiting us from Panama! This is the first time we’ve met Jovanni and we’re so excited to get to know him better! When they arrived in Chico, we went out to one of our new favorite restaurants Momona and finished the night by looking at Christmas lights in some of our favorite neighborhoods.
  • Christmas Eve was spent with Stephen’s family. It’s been tradition with his family to have soup and open presents at night. Stephen’s family is super tech-savvy which is where he gets it from, so the gifts definitely reflected that! I absolutely love giving gifts and Stephen and I had a lot of fun this year choosing gifts and experiences to gift our families! 
  • Christmas Day was spent with the Conner side of the family. We met up and started off the day by taking our family photo. That is always an adventure. Thank goodness for a sturdy tripod and self timer! 
  • The day after Christmas we were supposed to go to Tahoe for the day but I unfortunately woke up sick. Because of that, we decided it would be best to stay home and rest before we left for our trip to the beach house. Talk about putting a damper on your plans, being sick is not fun! My plan was to take gorgeous Tahoe snowy photos for this Memorable Monday post but since that didn't happen instead we’re sharing with you some photos from one of our all time favorite engagement sessions last Winter in Tahoe!
  • After nearly sleeping all day on Saturday, we decided to drive down to the beach house early and spend the night halfway. It was around dinner time, so we pulled off to the closest rest stop. The only thing that sounded good to us was Taco Bell so that’s what we ate for dinner. To our surprise we sat and talked in that Taco Bell in the middle of nowhere for almost an hour. An old rusty Taco Bell where the paint was fading and the restaurant was almost completely empty except for Stephen and I. We talked about the last 6 months and how much we had both individually grown. How much we learned about ourselves, our boundaries and the friendships we have. We’ve promised ourselves to spend sometime at the beach house dreaming and setting goals for 2016 and right there in that Taco Bell in the middle of nowhere that dreaming has begun. Although I don’t always want to eat Taco Bell for dinner, I’m thankful for the meaningful conversations that will be continued this week while we’re away!