Memorable Monday - TréCreative Photography&Videography

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...especially around the TréCrib! I know for some people this is a difficult time of year, and we all so often get mixed up in the season we forget the real meaning of Christmas! That sounds kinda cheesy but it's true! There was one conversation we had this week that got us really thinking about that on this weeks installment of Memorable Monday.

Our Week

  • We are just about done writing and addressing all our Christmas cards! Our awesome intern Summer came over this week to help with addresses so we can get them out in a timely manner! Be on the lookout for one coming your way! If you would like one and we don't have your current address, please leave it in the comments or shoot us an email, we would love to send one your way! We love snail mail!
  • On Monday night we decorated our Christmas tree with some good friends of ours! We ate pizza which is Stephen's favorite food, put on Christmas music and bam we busted it out together! In our opinion, doing things in community is so much better than doing them alone!
  • Thursday night we met with our weekly small group. For the month of December we're going through an Advent series and it really stirred up some great questions! We believe Jesus is the reason for the season! To love like him and be in relationship is the greatest gift we could ever receive!!!
  • We celebrated our good friends Nate's 25th birthday this week with a lot of our friends. We all went over to the Curry home and had a cereal party!! A party where everyone brought cereal and played games into late into the night, super fun. Another favorite food of Stephen's is cereal haha. I have a pretty easy job as a wife. If I fed my husband cereal and pizza he would never complain :D
  • Stephen prepared and packed for an upcoming solo trip out of Austin, Texas to film another commercial piece. I'm a little jealous because I really want to go to Texas, especially Austin!!! Maybe we'll book a wedding out their soon ;) Anyway, he'll be joining a production crew out in Texas to film a three-time Olympic gold medalist and her inspirational story! Stay tuned for his adventure on the blog once he's back late in the week!