Memorable Monday - December Edition

I feel like I just blinked and we're less than 12 days until' Christmas?!? How did that happen? Our Christmas shopping is not yet complete, but our home is fully decorated and our hearts are turned toward this amazing season! I'm so thankful for the cold weather, hot drinks, fur coats, and cute winter boots! All that and more on this week's edition of Memorable Monday

Our Week

  • Stephen came home from his week long trip out to Austin Texas! He was there on a commercial video shoot for a three-time olympic athlete. While Stephen was away I spent time with friends and tried my best to not get lonely. Absence really does make the heart grow founder, we were thankful to see each other again when he returned!
  • I hosted a Tuesday's Together in the #TreCrib by myself since Stephen was in Texas. I was so excited to see these sweet industry friends and meet new faces. Stephen usually leads the group in discussion and for some odd reason I was nervous to lead without him. I really have no idea why, but after processing through my feelings I realized I let a lie in. A lie that I couldn't lead, that I say stupid things that don't make sense and that I don't lead well. And this silly lie that I believed made me anxious instead of me feeling peace. Instead of fighting that lie in my head, I let it in and I shouldn't have! Lesson learned, fight back and pray against those negative feelings!
  • After Stephen came back to town we went on a double date with his parents to a new restaurant in town. It's call Momona and it is quickly becoming Stephen's favorite (update, he just told me it's his favorite)! We highly recommend trying it if you're in the Chico area!
  • On Saturday, we rode our bikes in the cold to Chico's local Saturday Farmer's Market. We got fresh veggies for the week, ate from our favorite tamale stand and came home and fell asleep on the coach!
  • This weekend we had another TréBooth event for a local holiday party here in town. They rented out the entire Tres Hombres restaurant downtown which was awesome (we didn't know you could do that)! If you're looking for an epic rehearsal dinner spot for a Chico Wedding, this may be an option!
  • On Sunday I made a pretty big mess in our kitchen but it was for a good reason! I baked pies and we passed them out to all our neighbors! We love living in our small neighborhood and are so blessed by each family here!