Memorable Monday - Happy New Year Friends!

Happy New Year friends! So far 2016 has had a great start to the year! Congratulations to all the newly engaged couples. It seems like every time we look at our Facebook page or emails we are hearing of lots of couples getting engaged over the holidays, how exciting! We've been receiving lots of 2016 and 2017 inquiries so please don't hesitate to reach out if you're considering TréCreative for your wedding!

From our last Memorable Monday post, we were heading the San Luis Obispo area for a Diaz family vacation on the beach! It was amazing and just what we needed! We did a mix of sight seeing and just sitting and relaxing on the beach! Waking up this morning was a little brutal. We are trying to give ourselves grace as we ease back into the work week!

Our Week

  • We kayaked together as a family in Morro Bay and saw lots of wildlife swimming right next to us! We all almost all made it without tipping over our kayaks but unfortunately we didn't all stay complete dry. Stephen's dad's kayak tipped over on our way back to the rental shop (it may or may not have been our fault, we cannot confirm nor deny this). He handled it like a champ and the event became a memorable story that we're still smiling about now!
  •  We don't think I'll ever get tired of the smell of the ocean!
  • We ate enough clam chowder for a whole year! We ate a lot of clam chowder, especially in bread bowls. It was delicious! You can't go wrong with sea food when you're near the ocean!
  • We wrote out our 2016 goals. We have a full blog post later this week about these when we'll share more with you. Some of those goals are business focused, some are more personal focused. Stay tuned! Each year we really want to give our lives and our business to God. We want him to lead us in whatever direction he wants us to go.
  • I gell asleep early on New Years Eve while the rest of the family participated in a Venezuelan tradition that Stephen's sister's boyfriend introduced to the family. I ran out right as the family was banging pots and pans and yelling in the street right at midnight. Then we all went to bed! I'm so used to going to bed way earlier now, I just can't hang like I used to in college!
  • Our last day at the beach, Stephen and I rented bikes and rode from the beach house into town. We found a great bike and had a little adventure together which ended with ice cream even though it was freezing outside. Totally worth it!!

The whole Diaz family! I'm the little shorty in front in case you can't find me ;)

On the last day there, we knew we wanted to take a creative family photo for the Diaz family Christmas/New Years card. We took out the drone and this is what we came up with. We love how it turned out! The clouds we made out of white towels from the beach house and the sun is a photography reflector and yellow duct tape! Amazing huh?!?