Memorable Monday - HIT by a Car!

This week has made me hit pause and be grateful for what I have. It's so easy to look on social media and start comparing to what others are doing. Social media is amazing, but it can often bend the truth or make things look so perfectly put together (when they're not). There is often the real story and then the polished Instagram story. I can get stuck in the comparison trap way too often. To combat that this week, when I was tempted to have negative thoughts, I tried to pause and think of the many things I'm grateful for! I suggest you try it, it helped me a lot!

Our Week

  • We held our February Tuesday's Together meet up in Chico. For the last several months, we've been meeting in different locations besides the TréCrib and it has been wonderful being invited into other's creative spaces. We switched things up this month and met in the evening too which was super fun. The discussion this month was centered about finding your ideal client and your niche market. Lots of great content and discussion was had! We just love our Tuesday's Together group here in Chico, what a refreshing group of friends we have become!
  • On our way home from our Tuesday's Together meet up, we were rear-ended! Yikes! I've never been in a serious car accident before and both Stephen and I were in complete shock! No one was seriously injured (thank you Jesus!!) but we have been going to the chiropractor to deal with some whiplash and minor backaches. This caused a big mind shift in the middle of our week. I really felt convicted that I was spending way too much energy and time focusing on all the negative in the last couple of weeks! I was frustrated and feeling like I wasn't doing enough as a wife and a business owner. When I switched from what I don't have to what I do have, I was able to be grateful and everything changed! With a scary crash like that it really forced me to step back and be thankful for our safety. I'm thankful for God's provision and grace that he gives me each and everyday!
  • We cashed in on not one but TWO free Chipotle meals this week thanks to their recent burrito giveaway! This was a double yes for me, not having to cook and go on a quick date together :D
  • On Friday, we headed up with about 30 high school students to Butte Meadows for our annual Winter Camp Retreat! We've been helping out at our church's youth group for about 3 years now and have really loved spending some of our free time with these students. Two families in our church opened up their cabins and let us relax and stay in their vacation homes. What a blessing it was to get away to the mountains with no internet or cell service!! I drove in the deep snow for the fist time and we had a massive sledding extravaganza!
  • On Sunday we had our first ever Valentine's Day Mini Anniversary sessions. If you missed out, we offer anniversary sessions year round, just shoot us an email and we can plan something fun! We plan on having more mini-sessions next year around the same time!