Memorable Monday - It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

Tis' the season for Christmas shopping and parties! We hosted three this week at the #TreCrib! A full recap below on this week's installment of Memorable Monday.

Our Week

  • On Thursday night, we hosted our first party during our marathon of Christmas parties. This was small with just some friends from our small group. It was a great way to ease into the weekend with a little secret santa and board games.
  • Stephen finished John&Megan's wedding video! We loved these two so much and were beyond excited to deliver their wedding film in time for Christmas! 
  • On Friday night we hosted a party for high school students from the youth group at our church. We first headed to the mall where each leader dressed up in disguise and the students tried to find us. I was a little old grandma and Stephen wore his shark costume from Halloween. Believe it or not, but he didn't last long in that costume and ended up getting asked to leave by security! That will be a good story to tell the grandkids one day :D
  • On Saturday we concluded our marathon of Christmas parties. We hosted a large group of friends from college and had a white elephant gift exchange, super fun!
  • After all these parties, I've become so grateful to our parents for all the years they have hosted and served our families. We love hosting, but sometimes it can get tiring and we're thankful for families who have molded for us what is means to host!
  • On Sunday one of our TréCreative couples celebrated their one year anniversary! In honor of them and this snowy season, we're sharing a few photos from their Winter wonderland wedding they had last year. It was a destination wedding in Tahoe right before Christmas. It was truly magical!! Congrats Brandon&Samantha!