Memorable Monday - TréCreative Photography&Videography

Happy Monday! Our weekend was filled with lots of laughter and friends. We decided to take a slow morning this Monday and ease into our workweek which felt absolutely wonderful. Sometimes we don't take advantage of the whole "self employment" thing and we really should! It's Monday which means it's time for another installment of Memorable Monday :D

Our Week

  • We hosted another Tuesday Together meeting in our home! Tuesdays Together is a small part of this amazing movement called The Rising Tide Society. This is a meet up in hopes to cultivate a culture for creative entrepreneurs who believe in building community over competition. We've blogged about this before so if you're in the Chico area and this sounds like YOU, we would love to have you! (If you're not from Chico, there's groups all over the world! Head to The Rising Tide site to find a group near you! Each month we have a new topic and for the month of November we mixed things up and gave back in our community here in Chico. Stephen and I have been craving a creative community group like this here in Chico and it is such an honor to be chosen to lead the Tuesdays Together group in Chico!
  • I've been really into cooking things in butternut squash soup! I made risotto with butternut squash and even cooked some chicken in the soup to add flavor. It was SO yummy, highly recommend it!
  • Over the summer, one of our past TréCreative couples gifted us with a Sierra Nevada gift card. We cashed in on that Friday night and had an amazing date night with each other in celebration of accomplishing some big things last week! I can't say this enough but it is SO important to date your spouse! Even though Stephen and I work together all day everyday, that doesn't mean the time spent together is intentional or makes us feel more connected. We may see each other more than other couples, but if we're not intentional it could very easily feel like we have no idea how the other person is doing.
  • We shot a wedding for one of our amazing TréCreative Couples here in Chico. Kurits&Becky's day was so fun for us! They are some of the most relaxed and easy going people we have worked with and we had been looking forward to their wedding for awhile now!
  • My roommate from college Leslie came to visit!!!! I hadn't seen her since she got married last year and lets just say we had a lot of catching up to do! My other old roommates met up with us for parts of the weekend and we adventured all around Chico, going to some of her favorite places! My stomach hurt from laughing so hard, it was a good time!

Hope your off to a great start this week, happy Monday!