Santa Cruz Wedding Photography - Sam&Elicia Part V

There are a million things I could say about these two… where do I even begin!? I first met Elicia at Mount Hermon almost three years ago. Last summer we worked side by side as counselors. It was there that I really got to know a lot about Elicia’s character. She has the biggest servant’s heart and is filled with so much compassion. I remember watching her interact with different students each week and really admired her intentionality and much needed energy she displayed at camp!

I met Sam through Elicia. I remember her coming back from dates with the biggest smile on her face. I loved hearing the silly stories of cute things Sam would do for Elicia, which only makes them that much more perfect for each other! 

When Elicia approached us about being apart of her wedding, we were so honored and excited to see their relationship come full circle to marriage!

Stephen and I loved being around these two and know they will continue to bless others for years to come!

Thanks Sam and Elicia!