Northern California Engagement Photographer - Ryan&Shea

Before we begin this blog post I have to explain that first crazy photo below! Ryan is the owner and head coach at the CrossFit gym we are members at, North Rim CrossFit (p.s. check out the promo film we made for them by clicking here). Ryan&Shea also met at the gym and eventually started dating. Shea was new to Chico and wanted to get plugged into a gym while she was away for college. She found North Rim and the rest is history. Together, Ryan&Shea push each other as athletes, as individuals and love their adorable pug Rogue so much! Stephen had the crazy idea to have them all (Rogue included) doing "muscle ups" on the bar at the gym before the shoot. It took a little bit of setup but totally turned out hilariously awesome :D

Ryan is an amazing fitness coach and motivator. His passion for health and overall wellbeing of a person is so clearly demonstrated at the gym and it is so inspiring to see. Shea is extremely sweet and does such an amazing job cultivating the community at the gym. She's a creative, a talented calligrapher and has great style. They both share a deep love for their family and tight nit community they are a part of. 

Enjoy some of our favorites from their e-session below :D


And we ended their engagement session at a Chico local coffee shop with the cute "His and Hers" mugs that were gifted to them :D