Thoughts from a Chico California Bride - Rachel

Wedding planning can be exhilarating, creative and unfortunately sometimes stressful! Believe it or not but Stephen and I have almost been married for a year now! It literally seems like yesterday that we were planning our own wedding and experiencing the excitement and stresses that many of our wedding couples feel. One of the most important things we did through our engagement season was sit down with mentors and friends to ask for advice and encouragement along the way. For me (Chelsey) I throughly enjoyed wedding planning. I had a vision for my day and it was so fun to see if come to life. There were definitely stressful parts to it, but at the end of the day Stephen and I kept reminding each other–no matter how many details got planned, center pieces crafted, or invitations sent out, we would be getting married and that was the best part! Thank you to all our wonderful cheerleaders we had during our dating, engagement and now married chapter of our lives, we are so thankful for all of you!

We thought it would be fun to ask a few of our brides from last year about their wedding planning experience. We thought it'd be helpful for our future brides to read their wedding planning advice!

Our first bride and groom we interviewed was Joel&Rachel who were married last July at a private residence in Chico, CA. We are so grateful for them and the opportunity to be their wedding photographers, and that our friendship that has continued on even after their wedding. We asked our Joel&Rachel five questions and here is what they said. 

Q. What were some exciting parts about your wedding planning?

A. The whole planning process rarely exhibited my finest character, but I had the most fun with any hands on projects. I hand-stamped all of the escort cards and helped in designing our invitations—among many other projects—and had the most fun in doing these projects. In addition, I loved the day before when we put all the centerpieces together. They turned out perfect and my vision started to come to life!

Q. What was the best advice you were given as a bride?

A. The best advice I received as a bride was: once the rehearsal starts, I stopped doing anything for the wedding. I never looked at a to-do list again, all questions were directed towards my wedding coordinator, my sisters, or my mom, and I focused on getting married. I was able to simply enjoy the special moments leading up to the wedding without stress.

Q. What advice would you give a bride planning her wedding today?

A. I would echo the best advice I was given (as seen above). In addition, I would say to always keep what’s important in perspective. At the end of the day you will be married, and that is what matters. The details have importance, but not more than the marriage. In regards to details, give priority and attention to your most important details and special touches. This will look different for each bride, so find your priorities and focus there. Everything else truly falls into place. And make sure you have lots of people to help out on the wedding day

Q. Why did you opt to do a first look?

A. The summer heat influenced us to start our ceremony later in the day, so we wanted to maximize our amount of time with guests after the ceremony. We spent several hours before the ceremony taking all of our pictures so we could start partying with all of our beloved guests. We also wanted to have an intimate moment alone before we had the ceremony.

Q. What did you like about a first look?

A. I loved being able to be close together when we first met eyes, rather than at opposite ends of the aisle. This provided a really special moment; one we will never forget.

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