Chico Wedding Photography - The Love of Telling Stories

When I was younger I remember flipping through my parent's wedding album. Although styles of photography have changed, fashion has changed, a powerful story of love is being told. I loved flipping through these pages, there is a flow, a narrative. Each time we meet a new couple, photograph an engagement session or capture a wedding day, stories are unfolding right in front of our eyes. We believe that everyone has a story that is being written. Each day is a new adventure, where pages of this story are filling up. We love stories, we love capturing them in the way we know best, through the lens of our cameras. We LOVE getting to know our couples so when these special moments happen we are right there, anticipating them, ready to photograph them.

Sometimes we feel a little crazy when we start to think like this... but knowing that one day, our couples' children will look through their parent's wedding album and experience the same unfolding of a story that I did when I was a kid...kinda crazy, I know. To think that during a wedding day, every single moment we capture lives on for a lifetime, it's amazing. We are SO blessed to be living out what we feel called to do, walking alongside couples just like ourselves, and capturing these stories that live on for years to come. It's crazy, it's amazing, we just love it so much.

Below is our little promo video from the homepage of TréCreative, I felt like it fit here :)