Sanborn Park Saratoga Engagement Photography by TréCreative - Brian&Kaela

Sitting at the Sacramento Airport waiting for our flight, I just couldn't wait any longer to share this special engagement shoot with you! I first met Kaela a few years ago while working at Mount Hermon as a camp counselor. We quickly hit it off and became running partners (mostly me running to catch up to Kaela). We'd leave early in the morning before our campers woke up and Kaela even let me take portraits of her when I began building my photography portfolio. We stayed in contact even after the summer passed and I am so thankful for our friendship!

Kaela is the kind of person you absolutely love from day one, she has the biggest smile and is so full of energy. On one of our phone calls, Kaela told me about Brian and kept mentioning how great great he was. After these two got engaged we finally got to meet Brian over Skype and soon found out why Kaela kept saying how wonderful he was! Most of our Skype conversation and engagement session was full of laughter because these two are seriously hilarious together and truly bring out the best in each other. 

My sweet friend Kaela, I am so happy you have found the man of your dreams who treats you like the treasure you are! Thank you for trusting Stephen and I with your day, we are so honored!!



P.S We are blogging from the airport because we're heading to Panama to visit Stephen's sister Laura for Christmas and then heading to Florida to shoot another amazing wedding! We apologize if we are a little slower to respond to emails (phones will be off so email is best). Merry Christmas friends!