Showit United 2015 Re-Cap - Scottsdale Arizona Photography Conference

Whew! The past week really flew by! We shot our dear friends Jeff&Alex's lovely wedding and then at 3am that night we drove to San Francisco to catch a direct flight to Phoenix Arizona for the Showit United photography conference. Showit is a software company that gives creatives like us an easy to use platform for their online presence. Among creating amazing websites, they staff behind Showit is truly amazing. They care about creating community online and in person to encourage one another and lift each other up. While we don't currently use Showit, we love their heart and community that they have built! We learned so much from this photography conference and met some pretty incredible people along the way! We are truly grateful!

During our time in Arizona, we had the chance to be on the other side of the camera three times at the conference! The first was for a Justin&Mary's studio sessions which they put on to help benefit The School Sessions. Justin&Mary are true leaders in the wedding photography industry. They are masters of the craft and their client experience and we absolutely adored hearing them speak and shoot throughout the week.

The second was a Bride&Groom Posing workshop led by Andrew Smith, a wedding photographer from Ohio. This was really fun for us because we were able to get all dressed up again our fancy clothes we had worn to the United Gala a couple nights prior. There were roughly around 15 photographers working on their posing skills and we got to be the "Bride&Groom". We loved every minute of it. The dessert is a truly magical place and we loved spending our morning with so many other creatives.

The third and what we were most excited for was to have our yearly anniversary photos taken by Caroline Logan! She's amazing, seriously amazing! I (Chels) had met her a few weeks ago at the Pursuit Conference I attended, and having her take our photos in the dessert of Arizona was so memorable. The sneak peek she shared on Instagram is getting us so giddy! Don't worry, we'll be sharing with you soon more of these amazing non-iPhone photos, our experience being on the other side of the camera, how we chose our outfits for all these shoots...and much much more inspired from the United Conference coming soon! 

Hope you're planning on doing something amazing this weekend!