Summer Camp Recap

In high school and college, summer remained one of my favorite times of the year. Some of my fondest memories include sleeping in until noon, swimming in some of Chico's best swimming holes, camping out on my family's trampoline, biking all over my home town, and staying up WAY too late with friends. Although those patterns have changed, summer still remains one of my favorite times of the year here in Chico! Wedding season is such an exciting time and it is so fun to see our couple's visions spring to life on their wedding day. What a special privilege it is to walk with them through the engagement season and all the way through documenting their special day.

Between editing, shooting, meetings and emails, there are very few times we unplug and leave our computers at home and cell phones turned off. Unless it is for a very good reason that is. For Stephen and I, going to summer camp with our local high school youth group we help out with seemed like the best reason! We love these students, we love sharing our lives with them, through the ups and downs. We especially love the time we get to spend during the summer with them! Every year we mark the dates in our calendar for summer camp and hope everything aligns so that we can join them on this wild and crazy adventure. Lucky for us, we were able to take a week off, unplugged from our computers and just be. God is always so faithful and refreshing us during these times!

Below are just a few highlight photos Stephen took on his little waterproof GoPro camera. We decided to leave our DSLR cameras behind to recharge creatively, but also to make sure our cameras weren't completely drenched during extreme white water rafting and canyoneering :D Enjoy some "just-for-fun" photos of our trip away. It was a relaxing break and now we're back at it. Blogging now from Alta coffee shop in Newport, just finished our third engagement session of the week and and have three weddings coming up all before Sunday, woo hoo! Can't wait to show you readers all of them!!