Southern California Wedding Photography by TréCreative Photographer - Brittnee & Tyler Part I

TréCreative Southern California Wedding Photographer - Brittnee & Tyler

Sometimes you get blessed with special opportunities like getting to witness excitement and joy as two friends become one. This wedding was very near and dear to our hearts. Stephen has been best friends with Tyler since 3rd grade, watched their whole relationship develop in college and was even there to capture Tyler proposing to Brittnee (a must watch)! For Stephen and I, it’s been great to get to know these two through road trips together and occasional double dates when I would visit Stephen at Biola.

Brittnee did an amazing job putting together all of the details in the wedding and all the decorations were handmade. She is truly an inspiration to DIY brides everywhere! We at TréCreative love to photograph the cute details and this wedding was full of them!

I felt it was appropriate to share their love story and engagement, it is so special! The following was taken from their wedding website:

Wearing a red hooded sweatshirt Brittnee caught Tyler’s eye at a Biola soccer game on a warm September day, 2009. He was disappointed to find out that she was unavailable at that time. Although the door was closed, Tyler was gifted with the opportunity to share a few meals with her while having lunch with a mutual friend.

Tyler left Biola for a semester but he would not forget about the beautiful Miss Miller. Arriving back to Biola for the Fall semester, 2010 their paths crossed the first day of moving into the dorms. This was the first time they saw each other in nine months. With Brittnee no longer being in a relationship Tyler felt comfortable asking her if she would be interested in grabbing a meal. During this meal they grew in their interest towards each other, which led to spending time visiting art galleries, going to California beaches, hiking, and many other adventures. They both developed a deep appreciation for each other’s unique qualities (including the quirky characteristics and spontaneous personalities). Their relationship began in mid October (with exchanging silly-band bracelets as a sign of their commitment J. It was motivated by developing a genuine friendship and strengthened by quality input from friends and family.

Six months into the dating relationship Brittnee had been working on her senior art show, which the two experienced as a defining moment. Through this intense process with deadlines and new pressures, they both truly experienced the reality of what it takes to cultivate a healthy relationship. Reaching a more ripened state of dating, many of the butterfly feelings turned into more realistic and raw feelings. It provided a deeper level of friendship rooted in commitment and open communication.

Brittnee and Tyler have been blessed, being able to travel together on many occasions. They have visited Chicago area multiple times, as well as Utah, North Carolina, Oregon, Colorado and other small road trips. Each trip has been significant in visiting family and friends, while gaining a deeper understanding of the environments that shaped the other. Getting to know each other in different contexts was a value each had for the relationship.

The evening of July 6th, 2011 in Colorado, Tyler felt that he had obtained a great enough knowledge of who Brittnee is, and who they are together, he decided to share with her that he loves her. She delightedly responded with the same words. Both understood the weight the other person held with saying “I love you” to each other, which grasped them with a confidence in the love and commitment the other one had. While time continued as well as travels and experiences in school and out of school, the two developed a strong confidence to move forward in their relationship.

The Engagement

Preparing for church on May 13, 2012 Brittnee was excited for the adventure of exploring Joshua Tree that would take place afterwards.  She was going to tag along with Tyler and his friend Stephen as they went to Joshua Tree to shoot a film project Stephen was hired to do—or so she thought.

With a casual, yet dynamic (as always) drive eastward with the adventuresome boys, Brittnee grew with excitement as the air grew dryer and warmer.

Pulling into Joshua Tree, Stephen began to explain the shots he was needing to get for the video, and asked for them to assist him with one shot from a distance. He needed a “metaphorical shot of a couple walking up a mountain….it’s for a Pastor’s teaching series.” Without thinking twice about it, Brittnee jumped in and made sure that Stephen got the shots he needed.  Once Tyler and Brittnee embarked on their way up the mountain for this much needed scene, the world grew larger and Tyler was the only other person she was aware of within miles.

Once they reached the top of the mountain, Brittnee was taken back by the beautiful view. Tyler joined in with processing the beauty around them. He voiced how it reminds him how big God is and how small we are. Yet, with feeling so small, one person in our lives can be so significant (That is when it hit Brittnee that they were there for something different than Stephen’s project). “That is who you are in my life” as he got on one knee and revealed a stunning ring, the next words she heard were, “Brittnee Leanne Miller, Will you marry me?” Without hesitation, Brittnee said YES, resisting with all her might to not give him a clobbering hug while on the edge of a mountain….with a very nice ring in hand. View the TréCreative engagement video here.

Brit and Tyler, thank you for letting us into your lives and choosing TréCreative to tell your story through photography and videography.
Huge thanks to all their amazing vendors!
Photographer: TréCreative
Videographer: Josh Harney Productions - Watch the beautiful film of the wedding day here!
VenueOrcutt Ranch - A beautiful place to get married in Southern California!
Catering: Stonefire Grill - Delicious wedding food, yummy!
Event Rentals and LightingHollywood Event Rentals - Created a perfect reception atmosphere!
Flowers: Friend - So colorful, great job!
Wedding Coordination: Friend - Couldn’t have done it without you!
DJ: Will Anderson - Will, it was great meeting you and getting our dance on to your set!